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Crystal Care PREMIUM LIMITED Warranty INCLUDED with all PGT Winguard high impact windows and doors. Click here for details.

Curtain Wall Systems

Curtain wall systems clad a building envelope with glass and aluminum to protect the interior from the elements and creates a safe and comfortable work environment for the building occupants. 

YHC 300 OG – Impact Resistant and Blast Mitigating Outside Glazed Curtain Wall System

The 3” face dimension ensures recommended glass clearances are maintained. Dry glazing options (for all design pressure ranges) slash installation time for quicker building dry-in.

YHC 300 OG

Hurricane Impact / Blast Mitigation / Rapid Building Envelope / Non-Thermal

Fully tested to ASTM and TAS standards
Florida Product Approvals for large and small missile impact including HVHZ applications.
Designed for single and multispan applications
Achieve 17’ single spans at 90 PSF
Accommodates monolithic and insulating glass
Shallow Mullion Option Available

Construction Use: New / Retrofit
Sightline: 3″
Framing Installation Method: Shear Block
Glazing Installation: Outside
Glass Type: Monolithic / Insulating
Glass Configuration: Front

YHS 50 FI - Impact Resistant and Blast Mitigating Storefront System for Insulating Glass

YHC 300 OG is a high performance curtain wall system designed and tested to provide innovative impact and blast solutions for a wide range of applications and design pressures from 45 PSF all the way to 130 PSF.

Superior Performance