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5 Ways To Bring The Tampa Bay Beauty Into Your Home & Office

Our community is one of the most sought after for tourism and relocation – and for good reason! Tampa Bay and St Petersburg are beautiful, lively, and boast amazing weather year round. We couldn’t imagine living and working anywhere else, and if you feel the same, then why not bring that natural beauty into your home and office spaces. Even though we cannot be sitting on the beach all day everyday, we can make changes to our houses or offices to make it seem like we are. Here are 5 ways to bring the Tampa Bay beauty into your space: 

  1. Start by bringing in some of that nature we all love.
    One of the easiest ways to do this is by having plants and flowers inside and around your home or office. If you don’t have much of a green thumb that is okay – try out some air plants, succulents, or cacti! 
  2. Stick with organic and local materials for your furniture & decor. Think about what you would see if you were strolling around by the beaches or in one of our amazing local parks. Ways to emulate this in your design is with bamboo, rattan, stone, and other natural fibers, textures, and patterns.  
  3. Add an element of water.
    Tampa Bay is known for its close proximity to the incredible Gulf of Mexico. If you don’t have a view of the Gulf yourself, bring in that same feeling with a water feature. In larger spaces, a fountain is a great choice as it can be seen and heard from all around. In fact, there are even tabletop water features that can make your desk an oasis of its own. 
  4. Use natural flooring.
    Nothing throws off a beautiful tropical vibe than artificial flooring. Take a cue from nature and try out cork, bamboo, or wood flooring for that soft and inviting feel. 
  5. Add lots and lots of natural lighting to your space.
    This may be the best tip yet, because no matter how you decide to decorate the interior of your home or office, it simply won’t emulate the Sunshine State without the influx of light pouring in! The addition of windows is one of the most striking ways to make your space feel like you are connected with the world outside you. 

Do you need help choosing and installing new windows in your Tampa Bay home or office? our team of experts is ready to assist you in making your dreams come true. Even though you may have to work inside most of your day, there is nothing stopping you from enjoying the views from your desk every chance you can get! Contact us today for more information or for a free quote, simply head on over & give us some details. We are thrilled to be part of making your space feel even more like the tropical destination you desire.