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Are Hurricane Shutters Mandatory For Florida Homes?

Hurricane Shutters are a popular addition to homes here on the West Coast of Florida, and for good reason! These impact shutters can withstand category 5 force winds and protect your home or business from flying debris, wind, and rain that could otherwise be detrimental to your property. Having the correct storm protection is something that many Florida homeowners have chosen to invest in & if you are also looking for what type of shutters are beneficial or if they are mandatory for your area – look no further. As your local Saint Petersburg window installation company, we have seen just how beneficial they can be for your home.

Are Hurricane Shutters mandatory for Florida homes?

This is a common question from new homebuyers or people who are moving to Florida from somewhere out of state. Are hurricane shutters a must have – specifically enforced by the Florida Building Code? It can be a bit tricky to understand if you are just reading the Florida Building Code. They require that any home after 2001 must have a “qualifying form of storm protection.” The question then is, what becomes a qualifying form? Hurricane Impact rated windows are one of those qualifying forms, meaning that if you have upgraded your home’s windows to impact glass, or your home was simply built with them in the first place, then by the state’s building code you should okay.

It is always wise to also contact your county or city as well, since rules and regulations can be more specific in different areas.

Just because you have a home built in 2001 that had impact glass or came with hurricane shutters, does not mean you are out of the woods yet. It is currently 2022, which means that depending on the types and brands, as well as wear and tear and maintenance on your windows, glass, and even storm shutters, it may be time to up[grade or replace them. The biggest concern is your safety as well as the protection of your property, which is why we emphasize that checking in on how your glass and windows are and being diligent about upkeep on your shutters is vital.

Your research may not stop there, either. Depending on your location, there could be very differing guidelines to how often your hurricane shutters need to be upgraded or used. Be sure to become educated on your specific area to know how to best protect yourself.

Hurricane shutters are a great investment to your home, family, and your peace of mind. Their ability to withstand wind, rain, and debris may be what saves your home & your possessions when it comes to a powerful storm. If you are needing assistance figuring out what option will be the best choice for you, please contact us today! As your local Saint Petersburg window company, we are confident that we can be a guiding light on what should be done as you prepare for hurricane season.