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Crystal Care PREMIUM LIMITED Warranty INCLUDED with all PGT Winguard high impact windows and doors. Click here for details.

Casement Windows

Hinged on the right or left hand side and can be opened by turning a handle

Multi-point locking system for added strength and security

Washable hinge
– Standard option for easy cleaning from inside the home

Egress hinge option
– Optional upgrade meets egress requirement of one operation to unlock window

Nesting handle will not interfere with window treatments

TrueHold heavy-duty hinge
– Standard feature on larger window sizes ensures durability of sash operation
– Optional upgrade on standard window sizes for additional durability of sash operation

Available in single vent or custom units
– Single unit hinged for opening either left or right
– Double unit hinged for opening: one left, one right
– Triple unit hinged for opening: one left, one right, fixed center unit

Standard glass options
– Laminated Insulating Glass (impact-resistant)

Window comes with a standard screen