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Design Ideas For Neutral Homes

Designing a home should be a task that is joyful and close to your heart. It has long been said, “home is where the heart is” and when it comes to creating a space that you and your family are going to dwell in, then it should reflect you and your style wholly. There can be a desire to go with the trendy colors of the season or the risky prints and patterns, but many people have come to the conclusion that in order to create that special and calming home that they desire, neutrals are just what they need. 

As your Tampa Bay Residential Window Company, we know just how much windows and doors can make in your living space. When designing your home, it is just as important to take into account how much natural light, scenery, and glass you have in the room. The more the merrier, in our eyes, however depending on the layout of your home these factors can help you decide how to further enhance the design pattern of your space. 

We love a beautiful open window that brings in light and the colors of the Tampa Bay community. Our Florida sunshine proudly boasts big full clouds and a bright blue sky for so much of the year, so why not show it off? These colors don’t have to be found in your room. In fact, in many cases, using neutral tones – like beige, whites, and grey inside your house will make those views stand out even more. Here are some tips for making an interesting and beautiful home design with neutrals: 

  • Plan with patterns and tones. You can find “beige” in a variety of textures and color tones. Play up those different unique styles and mix and match them in one room. 
  • Allow nature to inspire you. Wood, bamboo, and greenery can really make a statement in a home and bring that neutral color scheme up a notch. 
  • Matching doesn’t mean having everything identical. Using a basic color scheme, but adding in cohesive colors and textures make a space feel luxurious.

Are you in the process of designing your dream home? Does a neutral design theme fit your style?