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Design Ideas For Patio Doors

Is it time to upgrade your patio doors? Are you looking to update your indoor/outdoor living spaces and bring them together in a more seamless manner? Whether you are looking to upgrade the patio doors for aesthetic reasons or security reasons, there are a number of different options. Here are several design ideas for patio doors.

French Doors. French doors incorporate glass window panes into the design of the door. French doors are hinged doors to swing open and are also referred to as swing doors. There are a number of different styles of french doors and often the design of the windows varies. This style of door is usually available in wood, vinyl and PVC. Additionally, French doors come in single- or double-door configurations depending on the amount of available wall space for adding doors.

Sliding Doors. Sliding doors are a traditional patio door option which allows you to install doors that slide open along a track. This allows you to create a bigger opening than with French doors, but you need to have the wall space to install this type of door requiring you to consider how much space you have. However, because they are sliding they do not require much floor space so they can be a good consideration if you are short on floor space but still want to add in patio doors.

Folding Patio Door. A more recent trend in the patio door design space is the folding patio door. These are designed with three or more panels and when opened, they fold and slide on a track. Folding patio doors would be an excellent addition to a more modern patio design. Much like sliding doors they allow you to expand your living space from the indoors to the outdoors with ease. These types of doors are generally customizable to allow you to move all the panels to one side or the other, or to the center, allowing you to set them up in whichever way is most helpful for your needs. 

Glass Doors. Whether you choose French doors, sliding doors or something else, choosing glass patio doors allows you to bring in a lot of natural light to your spaces. This lighting can help your indoor spaces seem larger and give you the option of expanding your living space to the outdoors. 

There are a number of different ways you can upgrade your patio doors, whether it’s for increased security or aesthetic reasons. At Bay Glass & Window, we proudly serve the our community with Tampa Bay windows & doors and would be thrilled to assist you. Happy designing!