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Impact Windows: 4 Reasons to Invest!

With impact windows, your home’s value will significantly increase due to its safety and the peace of mind it gives to the homeowner. We can increase the value of your home while your energy costs can be reduced, and of course they can help to minimize storm damage. Did you know, you can also get certain tax credits or homeowners’ insurance benefits by installing impact-resistant windows?  Our Saint Petersburg Window company provides top quality impact window services. You might want to consider installing new impact windows for your house if you are looking for an investment that will pay dividends immediately and in the long run. Check out why impact windows are a great investment if you are still not convinced.

Cost Effectiveness

Homes should be protected from harsh weather conditions in advance of a hurricane. Providing a variety of styles and options to meet the diverse needs of homeowners, Saint Petersburg Window Company’s impact-resistant windows have long been at the forefront of such protection.

All impact windows are tested for durability during dangerous major storms to ensure they will withstand pressure. As your local Tampa Window Installation company, we stand out from our competitors with custom, impact-resistant windows.

Reduced Energy Costs

Moreover, impact-resistant windows manage extreme temperature changes well, so many are considered low-energy impact windows. Tampa window installation’s impact windows maintain a consistent temperature inside even if temperatures outside drop or rise dramatically.

You do not have to run your HVAC system as frequently or as hard to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Thus saving you cost from the usage of extra power. 

Noise Control

Outside noise disruption can be annoying near a busy intersection or highway. You can reduce the noise from outside with Tampa Window Installation’s impact windows.

It helps keep sound from the inside contained and disturbance from your neighbors or the street confined outside, thanks to extra-thick, layered glass, and super-sealed framing.

Insurance Benefits

Most homeowners’ insurance companies offer incentives to homeowners who install impact windows. In some cases, substantial policy discounts are also given to homeowners since impact windows reduce the risk of storm damage. Insurance companies view impact-resistant windows during storm season as a valuable safety measure.

Professional Installation By Tampa Window Installation

Impact windows make sense as an investment when you consider the insurance benefits, energy efficiency, noise control, and safety from storms. Furthermore, impact windows provide better protection against severe weather damage.

Impact windows are a worthwhile investment when all these factors are considered.

For more information about impact windows or other window types, contact us today. With the experiences of our professional team, we can help you choose the right windows for your home.

If you are looking forward to living in a safe and cozy home, installing impact windows is a great investment both in the long and short term. There’s no doubt that impact windows come with extensive advantages over traditional windows and even storm shutters! If you’re interested in exploring the beauty and security of impact windows, Bay Glass & Window, your Saint Petersburg Window Company, offers a selection of the best windows in the industry.