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Tampa Bathroom Window Installations

Is Adding Windows To A Bathroom A Bad Idea?

Adding windows to a bathroom; is that a good idea or a bad one? There tends to be some question here because we think of this space as private – and wouldn’t the addition of windows make it harder to keep this room safe and private? 

“Aren’t you afraid people will be able to see you in the bathroom through the windows?”

Whether you have a window or not, the privacy aspect can be covered. There are frosted windows and obscured windows that make seeing through them very difficult or even nearly impossible. On top of that, you can always add extra window coverings to fit your decor style as well. Having windows with light from the outside can, in fact, drastically change the look and feel of your bathroom space. Natural light is a great friend – especially in situations where you want to see most clearly. Many who get ready for the day in their bathroom will appreciate the clear natural lighting that can provide the best visibility and coloring. We have all been in a dark and shadowy bathroom before, and the yellow tints from the artificial lighting never helped anyone’s confidence in the mirror. Adding windows to your bathroom is a great investment that can help with the overall look and feel – which is elevated and enhanced – as well as assist you in your desire to potentially reduce your carbon footprint. With windows in your washroom, there will be plenty of times when you won’t even need to use your lights as the window is flooding the room with expansive light. 

There are many options when it comes to choosing a window. As we touched on earlier, there are various types of privacy options – like frosted and obscured windows. There are also many styles that can be chosen from. Sunlights are common in bathrooms for the obvious reason that privacy is not a factor, but there is still the ability to bring in natural sunlight. Architectural windows that hang above the mirrors or shower is also another way to enhance light without having to worry about a picture perfect view into your bath.

If you have been considering a remodel in your bathroom, or are starting to build new construction, our contractors here at Bay Glass and Window would love the chance to work alongside you to plan out the addition of your windows and doors. With years of experience making local Tampa Bay Florida homes look and feel their best, we have a passion for extending our expertise to others. Contact us today for a free quote and advice on how to make your bathroom really feel like your dream home!