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Saint Petersburg Hurricane Shutters

Reasons Why You Need Hurricane Impact Windows In Tampa Bay Florida

Florida has beautiful sandy beaches, cool air, and lovely weather. The state is also prone to heavy storms, including powerful hurricanes. When you live in Florida, you never know what the weather will bring. The official storm season lasts from June to November. However, it is critical to be geared up for strong, potentially dangerous storms all year. Hurricane impact windows in St Pete protect your home from falling objects, gusty winds, and other hurricane dangers. Impact windows are made made of large frames and impact-resistant layered glass.

A hurricane’s strong winds and torrential rain can create an extended trail of destruction. On the other hand, hurricane windows can help mitigate the damage. Hurricane windows are more resistant to shattering than standard windows. It’s not about the glass but rather how the materials are made. Laminated glass is used in impact windows.

Reasons You Need Hurricane Impact Windows in Tampa Bay 

Here are a few of the reasons why there is a need for hurricane impact windows: 

  • Severe Weather Defense

Window frames are the main cause of most residential destruction during storms, and each year, innumerable assets are impacted by strong winds. Hurricane impact windows can help to protect your home from these potential threats. These window frames are particularly constructed to protect your home from strong winds, torrential rainfall, and debris.

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Energy expenses can quickly mount up, particularly in Florida during the summer. While there are methods to improve the thermal performance of your conventional windows, these workarounds are barely as efficient as replacing the ordinary glass and loose framing with more highly well-insulated, tighter-sealed hurricane windows.

Impact-resistant windows have been developed to minimize heat from the sun in the summer and assist in keeping the warmth in the house on a chilly

  • Noise Abatement

The laminated windows used in heavy-purpose windows also help to minimize outside pollution. Those who reside in a bustling metropolis or near an arterial road understand how annoying many outdoor noises can be.

Impact windows will help to soundproof your house and make it more peaceful inside. You will be protected from hearing an unnecessary dog barking or children playing outside noise.

  • Single Time Installation

If you select to set up impact glass, you must completely replace your window frames. No protective layer can be applied over your existing glass to provide the same level of protection. Furthermore, impact windows have stronger framing, which will need to be replaced.

If you’ve ever handled hardboard or hurricane shutters, you’re familiar with the fuss of putting those up and tearing them down during hurricane season. Some of the primary advantages of hurricane-impact windows are single installation. They only need to be installed once, giving long-lasting protection even after storm season. You must do nothing else once your impact windows are installed!

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