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Crystal Care PREMIUM LIMITED Warranty INCLUDED with all PGT Winguard high impact windows and doors. Click here for details.

Sliding Doors

One or more glass door panels move horizontally along upper and lower tracks

Max panel size: 5’w x 10’h or 4’w x 12’h
Max overall opening size: 40’w x 10’h or 32’w x 12’h

Expansions of up to 40’
– Uninterrupted views and a great source of natural light

French-door look
– Standard 4” bottom rail
– Optional 9” bottom rail

Dual-point locking mechanism
– Provides added security by restricting panels from being lifted off the tracks

Heavy-duty tandem rollers
– Allow easy opening with just your fingertips

Optional unique, stylish handles available

Optional screens available
– Standard or box screen

Standard glass options
– Laminated Glass (impact-resistant)
– Tempered Glass