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What Are Architectural Windows

What Are Architectural Windows?

The windows are oftentimes referred to as the eyes of your home. It makes perfect sense, since the windows can be seen from the inside and the outside. They add an abundance of light, character, and safety to your home depending on the type and quality that you choose. When it comes time to choose residential windows for your St Petersburg home, style, shape, and size are some go the first aspects to be discussed. One popular style is an architectural window Рwhich adds elegance and a historic flair to any space. 

What are architectural windows?

Architectural is not necessarily a type of window, but is more a style of window design. They are usually more culturally inspired, with arches being a very popular shape. This style brings an Old-World vibe and something a little different to each space that it is used in. 

When are architectural windows chosen? 

The decision is entirely up to you! Many new and modern homes are choosing this unique style to bring fresh dimension and eye-catching features to the inside and the outside of the home. Although they can certainly be used in a modern space, they are very often used in historic homes, re-creations, or when renovating a building or house that is within a historic district. 

The addition of architectural windows is always a beautiful choice. You do not need to sacrifice style and elegance for safety though. At Bay Glass and Window, we specialize in installing top of the line windows that are up to the highest residential safety standards, so that you can be confident in your decision to renovate, build, or reconstruct with us. Are you interested in learning more about architectural style windows? We have more information for you if you have any question regarding which choice is best for you and would be happy to discuss anytime over the phone as well. Contact us today to get started!