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Tampa Bay Condominium Window Requirements

What Are The Window Requirements For Condominiums?

When it comes to working on condominiums, there can be some questions and confusion as to whether the building is considered residential or commercial. In Florida, there is a category for both and depending on the size of the condo structure you are building, the determination will be made. Condominium buildings with 3 stories or less are considered residential, and this code is applicable when replacing windows and doors in these types of structures. If the building is over 3 stories tall, then all of the structure is considered a commercial property. 

What does this mean for the property owner, the resident, and the contractors involved?

It means quite a bit actually. Knowing what the condo building is regulated as is going to make the distinction between what class of windows will need to be used in the property. For instance, if you are in a tall condominium complex, you will use the commercial provisions of the energy code when replacing windows and doors in Tampa Bay Florida. Whether you are the builder or the purchasing owner of the property, you are responsible for your remodels, construction, and renovations that are done on the individual units. It is important to be educated on what the jurisdiction is in your area so that you can be confident that you are making the proper calls on what windows and doors are acceptable under the current codes. 

At Bay Glass and Window, we stay up to date and current with the local Tampa Bay area laws and requirements for safety and energy efficiency of glass, windows, and doors being used on specific properties. When you call to setup a quote with us, our experienced installers will be sure that you have the correct information as it pertains to your situation. We are certain that you will feel clearly communicated to and educated when you contact us.When constructing a new 30 story condominium complex or replacing a bedroom sliding door in your unit, we are here to help. From jobs big to small, we take pride in making sure that our clients are taken care of and can feel confident in their decision to choose us as their glass and window installer. 

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