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Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors St Pete

Why Your Doors Should Be Rated For Hurricane Impact

In coastal areas where severe weather events such as hurricanes, tropical storms exist, various property owners have in the past continued to discover the expensive and dangerous costs of not setting hurricane-resistant windows in place. However, a lot of building homeowners remain naïve about the immense benefits of having hurricane-resistant doors as well. These homeowners forget that while windows may frequently get discussed, other apertures such as doors should equally be constructed to withstand hurricane force winds. As your St Pete window installation company, we are here to assist you with creating a safe home – every step of the way!

Hurricane-resistant doors are designed to uphold safety standards set by American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the Door Entry Manufacturers Association (DEMA) against impacts generated by strong high-speed wind. Though sturdy, they differ in construction and design compared to regular doors. Hurricane-resistant doors provide a sound, cost-effective solution against hurricanes’ high impact, bolting, and wind-blown debris.

Here are a few reasons why installing hurricane-resistant doors is a great investment for coastal property investments.


Protecting against strong winds and flying debris is the most mutual benefit homeowners derive when they install hurricane-resistant doors. Storms can generate debris that can fly with high impact causing destruction to everything in its path. Traditional doors can’t protect against the winds and debris thrown during these events, making any home or property vulnerable to damage unless measures are taken to prevent this damage from happening most effectively with hurricane-strength doors.

Home Insurance and Property Value:

When a house is equipped with a hurricane-resistant door, it’s natural for the house’s insurance rating to drop considerably. The insurance company recognizes the additional measure of protection and risk management initiated by investing in hurricane entry points. Investing in these types of doors can lead to a ten to forty percent discount in your current premium.

Also, property buyers are inspecting investments before committing to purchase a property, and the knowledge of the protective advantages these upgraded doors add to their potential investment is very valuable.

Energy Conservation and Savings:

Hurricane-resistant doors themselves will provided better protection from wind than traditional doors. It is easier to regulate the temperature indoor temperature with less effort through energy-efficient doors. The use leads to cost savings in lowered power bills and better control of energy consumption. Efficiency equates to lowering carbon footprints from less lighting systems being used, that are drained by continuous HVAC settings.

Noise Control:

Noise pollution can be prevented with the use of hurricane-resistant doors. Experienced technicians can modify the hardware to create the perfect seal in the jamb and stop abuse from sound pollution as well as common insulation might fail to stop. The application makes the property’s investment more profitable in consideration of the resting environment in a busy area.

Aesthetics and Customization Options:

The benefit of having hurricane-resistant doors installed is that they offer a wide range of customization options and performance choices beyond their basic function. Potential color variations, decorative millwork, and texture that conform to the overall appearance of the home are some of the options that homeowners can take advantage of besides being a practical and protective element; they allow for various options without sacrificing the safety and aesthetics of their home.

In conclusion, investing in hurricane-resistant doors adds a long-lasting element of protection to a home while passing on savings in heating and cooling, insurances rates, and noise pollution. Improved protection results in better security more importantly and cost-effective savings. The security of potential life long investments and the increased aesthetic appeal of these investments seal the deal for those willing to invest in advanced entry doors that can provide superior protection from natural disasters. If you are interested, we can provide you with a free quote and you can be on your way to having hurricane impact doors in your Tampa Bay home.