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5 Additional Tips To Ensure Your Home & Windows Are Ready For Summer

In our last blog post, we spoke on 5 tips for getting your windows ready for the summer season, but we could not just stop there! We have 5 additional tips for you today to ensure that your home and your windows are ready for the hot months ahead. The bright sunshine that we are so lucky to have in our home state can come with some complications – like high energy bills, a strain on our A/C systems, and even UV light radiating into our homes fading carpet, furniture, art, and more. What can we do to ensure that we are taking care of our homes?

Here are 5 ways to ensure your home & windows are summer ready:

  1. Schedule Window Maintenance
    There isn’t much that doesn’t need some maintenance every once in a while. Making sure that your windows are in tip top shape will help alleviate the mystery behind drafts, high A/C bills, and escaping cool air. Our team of experts are happy to come and check out your windows to make sure they are still in proper working order.
  2. Open Your Windows On Cooler Days/Nights
    Windows aren’t just for looking through, but make sure you use them to their fullest potential! Opening your windows on cool breezy days and nights is a great way to break up some alliance on your air conditioning. Plus, this will allow you to see which windows are opening and closing properly and which may need to be replaced.
  3. Install An Attic Fan
    Heat rises, and in Florida, the attics store a large amount of that rising heat. Look into installing an attic fan to help offset some of the stagnant hot air that has found its home in your space.
  4. Plant Shade Trees
    According to the Arbor Day Foundation, east- and west-facing shade trees can reduce cooling costs by 35%. Having trees is a beautiful and natural way to get some coverage and reduce your heat impact on your windows.
  5. Exterior Shutters or Blinds
    Just as you can add indoor blinds, it is also an option to add outdoor shutters. The outside blinds can make a huge difference in the amount of light and heat that ever even reach your glass.

Replacement windows may also be the way to go if you have older windows in your home. If so, we would love to help you by offering you a free quote for your Tampa Bay home – just contact us and someone from our team will gladly assist.