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5 Tips to Get Your Home Windows Ready for Summer

The windows and doors in your home make a big difference when it comes to feeling the heat inside your space or it staying cool. The wrong windows for the space, a lack of UV protection, or damaged frames or glass can all make your energy bill rise as well as allow unwanted hot air seeping in & your precious cool air seeping out. Avoiding all of this is absolutely possible, especially with help from experts in the field. We know Florida temperatures, climate, and home energy problems and have been working for years to combat them.

Proper window and glass choices is the heart of the solution. Wanting a home that is ready for summer in the south? We’ve got 5 tips for you.

  1. Install Window Treatments
    According the DOE, the right type of drapes can reduce heat gain by 33%. That is a massive difference in your home when you are able to block light and UV rays from coming into the space. No matter what type of windows you have, finding a way to be able to cover them during times of direct sunlight will help keep your home cool in those summer months.
  2. Add Window Film
    Window film is another way to drastically reduce the amount of UV light coming into your home. The Florida summers are long and bright, but protecting your surfaces, floors, furniture, art, and personal belongings can be as easy as adding some UV blocking film.
  3. Upgrade Awnings
    If you have noticed that many Florida homes have awnings, it is for good reason! Awnings help block the direct sunlight coming down onto your windows and can be a major help in heat and light blockage – especially for the summer. There are even awnings that can be removed or rolled up so that you don’t have to have them out all year.
  4. Replace Window Screens
    Have you heard of solar screens? Regular screens are great for bugs and debris, but solar screens can even block more of the UV rays and keep extra heat from radiating.
  5. Always Tune Up Your A/C
    It’s always a good idea to tune up your AC when you are ready for it to start cranking! Having it running at top notch will allow your home to be working to the best of its ability.

Take care of your home & your windows and they will take care of you! If you are interested in a free quote for new windows in St Petersburg Fl, please do not hesitate to fill out our form and someone from our team will get right back with you.