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Tampa Residential Windows

How To Choose Windows For Your New Home

New construction homes in the Tampa Bay & St Petersburg area are more popular than ever! With the chance to design your new home just how you want it, the allure is definitely evident for homebuyers. When building a new home, the quality of materials that you choose can really make the difference. Homes can be built in a large variety of ways, but being diligent that you are making choices that will benefit your home for years to come is a very important step in the process.

When it comes to new windows and the type that you choose there are a variety of factors – such as, aesthetics, durability and functionality. These components all work hand in hand to bring your home safety, security, function, and beauty! Choosing your windows should be done carefully and all the factors considered. Wondering what those factors may be?

Here’s our top factors for choosing new windows for your new home build:

  • Quality – Of course the number one factor should be the quality of the new windows that you are purchasing and installing. You want to be sure that they will last you and keep your home safe as well as bring you energy efficiency.
  • Warranty – One way to tell if the window you are getting installed is of high quality is to see what type of warranty they are offering. An in depth warranty is a good sign that the brand stands behind the quality of their windows. Not to mention, if something ever does happen to them, you can rely on the company to do their part and replace them.
  • Material – Here are some common materials that homeowners choose for their new builds. The material will really depend on your specific needs and aesthetic.
    • Fiberglass
    • Fiberglass-clad
    • Vinyl
    • Vinyl-clad
    • Aluminum
    • Aluminum-clad
    • Architectural grade
    • Impact-resistant windows
  • Type – Once again, knowing the type of window you will choose is also dependent on what your specific needs and wants are in the home. This is where a helpful St Petersburg window installer will be able to really assist!
    • Single- and double-hung
    • Casement
    • Awning
    • Sliding
    • Bow and bay
    • Specialty shapes
  • Professionalism – Working with construction companies and installers can get a bad rep sometimes, but we can promise you that working alongside Bay Glass and Window will not only be a breeze, but will give you peace of mind with the quality of your home window work.

Allow us to help make your new house a true home! Contact us today for more info.