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Benefits of UV Protected Windows

It is no secret that UV protected products and clothing are a must when living in the Florida sunshine, but have you ever thought about the importance of UV protection on your windows and doors? Even though you are indoors, the rays from the sun are still making their way right into your home and this is an unprotected area if you do not have the proper windows. In the comfort of your own home, sunscreen shouldn’t be necessary, so let’s make sure you have the correct windows, capable of protecting you while you live, work, and rest!

In order to get started on the journey of making sure your windows are properly UV protected, it’s important to understand how UV protection can be accomplished. There are two ways that this can be done – by installing Low-E windows or by adding a UV film.

Low-E windows create a shield between the inside of your home and the UV rays that are so prevalent in the Sunshine State. These windows will do their job by reflecting infrared and UV light while still letting through the broad spectrum of visible light so your home will not become too dark. That natural light is important to your wellbeing and the beauty of your space, so that won’t change – just the damaging rays that can have leave behind issues over time if they are not dealt with.

Furthermore, you can also look into adding a UV film to your windows, especially if it is not quite time to upgrade to all new windows as of yet. These films will also do their job by creating a barrier between the inside of your home, furnishings, and occupants and the ultraviolet radiation. These films are also generally clear and allow for the entire light spectrum to shine through!

Not only is it essential to protect the people inside your home, but also the furnishings, art, and personal belongings that sit beside your windows day in and day out. Taking responsibility for the UV rays coming inside can even extend the longevity of your flooring – carpets and woods.

Many times, customers are worried about extensive heat and high A/C bills that many Floridians face come the hot summer months. This is a great secondary benefit of UV protection on your windows. Reflecting those infrared rays can also deter excess heat from entering your home and provide an additional layer of insulation.

If you have been searching for ways to keep your home and your family more protected from the Florida sun, look no further than your neighborhood St Petersburg window installers! We can help access your unique situation and make the best call for your home and budget – contact us today for more info.