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5 Important Factors When Choosing A Coworking Space

As businesses and employees look ahead to a future that is likely to have an increased amount of remote work, now is a good time to consider coworking spaces. There are many factors to evaluate when choosing a space that is the best fit, including these top five important factors.

  1. Location – A coworking space that is not near the other parts of your life – home, gym, place of worship, family, etc will soon become inconvenient. And when your office space is inconvenient you can begin to resent work which rarely has a positive outcome. Consider the proximity of a potential coworking space to your regular routes and routines. Choose a space that fits well in your life and habits.
  2. Environment – Lighting, temperature, and noise all greatly affect your ability to work productively. Consider looking for a coworking space with lots of windows and natural lighting as these can help boost productivity. Consider wearing your typical work attire when you check out a work space to see if the temperature leaves you feeling hot or cold. Ask for a trial pass to the space to see what the noise volume is like on a typical day. As your Tampa Bay window installation company, we see such a benefit in providing a space with that natural lightening that not only elevated the mood but also the productivity of a space.
  3. Amenities – What amenities does the space offer? Is there a conference room available for using if you need to meet with a larger group? Is there an on-site coffee bar? What printing services are available? Take the time to think through what amenities are most crucial to your business and check that they are available, and ask for details on what is included in the cost and what is an add-on cost?
  4. Privacy – Is the coworking space one large open space or do you have the option to reserve private spaces for phone calls, meetings and reducing distractions while you are working. A coworking space is an excellent opportunity for collaboration but it is also important to consider the amount of privacy you will have if needed. 
  5. Access – Check on both high-speed internet access and general access to the space. You don’t want to join a coworking space that you can actually only reserve a space in once a month. Check the ratio of members to available space to ensure you’ll actually be able to find a space when needed. And check to make sure you’ll actually have high quality internet access once you get there. 

Coworking spaces can be an excellent way to reduce the costs of full-time office space. If you are considering building out a corporate coworking space, allow us at Bay Glass & Window to help you with your window and glass needs! We have a passion for creating spaces that are a win-win for everyone involved.