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Coastal Window Replacement Tips

Beach life allows you to sit back in the sand and soak up the wind and waves. However, owning a coastal home can also result in some potentially stressful, unique home situations. The process of replacing the windows of your coastal home is different than if you lived further inland. Here are several tips for replacing your coastal windows.

It is first important to note that according to the Florida building codes, if your home is within one mile of Florida’s coast, you are required to install impact windows when building or remodeling your home. This is important to keep in mind as you consider replacing your coastal windows.

Consider your Location. One reason you need hurricane impact glass in Florida is because it offers increased protection during extreme weather. Impact windows have several layers of glass or synthetic materials which are incredibly difficult to break or penetrate. This serves to protect you and your home’s contents from debris during a hurricane. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, replacing your windows with a more hurricane friendly option can be helpful.

Weigh the Costs. As you consider what type of windows to get in your coastal home, it is important to weigh the costs. There are some hurricane impact windows that cost more, but installing these can help decrease your insurance premiums. Determine if the extra costs of the windows will be offset by the reduction in costs of your insurance premiums. Additionally, consider the cost of having storm shutters installed when you have your windows replaced. 

Consider Energy Efficiency. Replacing your windows for coastal friendly options can improve energy efficiency allowing you to save on monthly utility bills. This increased efficiency allows you to keep cool air in and hot air out, which is incredibly important in Florida where you can experience high temperatures much of the year.

Think Vinyl, Not Wood. Wood frames for your windows can be more susceptible to water damage, rotting, and weakening over time. Consider getting vinyl frames for your coastal windows for a low-maintenance, strong, and durable option. Vinyl windows do not require painting or staining, and peeling, cracking, warping, and fading are minimized in vinyl window frames.

Research Warranties. Replacing the windows of your home is not a small investment. Although it is not cheap it is very worthwhile, but you’ll want to take the extra steps to ensure your investment is protected. Look for warranties that cover all parts of the window, frame, sash, and glass.