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Is It Safe To Replace Windows In an Old or Historic Home?

Your old or historic home likely possesses a great deal of charm. Your home, along with the close to 20 million other homes in the US that are more than 70 years old, likely has many handcrafted details, original woodwork, and many other features to love. But your home probably also has older windows. In an effort to reduce costs or become more energy efficient, you might be considering replacing the windows. Which leaves you wondering, is it safe to replace windows in an old or historic home?

It is first important to note that you need to research local regulations regarding older or historic homes. In some areas there may be restrictions against window replacements in historic homes. Be sure to look into the local historical societies, preservation groups and historic neighborhood associations for any applicable covenants or restrictions regarding window replacement.

Regarding the safety of replacing windows in an old or historic home,if the home was built before 1978 considerations need to be made regarding the use of lead paint on these older homes. It is not safe to replace these windows on your own or hire the first window replacement company that comes up on your internet search. Instead, it is imperative that you ask any potential window replacement company if they are, “Lead Safe Certified.” This certification means they have been trained and know the steps that need to be taken to properly test the window. Additionally, they will be able to do any containment necessary as it pertains to the lead paint.

Another consideration to make is whether to replace the whole window (frame, sash, and glass) or whether to simply replace the glass. Oftentimes it can be safer, and less expensive, to simply replace the glass of your windows. A consultation with a window replacement company can help you determine which parts of the window should be replaced and help this be done safely.

Additionally, replacing windows on old or historic homes can be complicated due to the structure of the home and the integrity of the windows. In order to ensure that the process for replacing old or historic windows is done safely, it would be best to hire a window replacement company with experience in replacing old or historic windows.

The bottom line is that if done correctly, with the right professionals, it can be safe to replace the windows in your old or historic home. Allow us to help you make your historic home strong & safe again – contact your local Tampa Bay window installation company here for more information!