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5 Popular Window Trends For Modern Homes

If you are looking to build a new home, or update your existing home to a more modern look there are a number of areas to consider. Floor plan, curb appeal, doors and windows, interior decorating, all of these can help you modernize your current home or build your dream modern home. Let’s take a specific look at five popular window trends for modern homes.

Window Walls. In a time when open concept is hugely popular, many people want to extend this to their whole property. An open concept home allows you to step through the front door and not be stopped by the walls of a front entry, but rather be allowed to take in sweeping views of the kitchen and living spaces. This concept goes a step further with the latest trend of window walls. With window walls you’re not only afforded views of the kitchen and living spaces from the front door but also out into the backyard. These window walls often give you views of the whole property right when you stop over the threshold. 

Thinner Frames. Along the same lines of wanting to extend the sights through window walls, a popular window trend is thinner frames. Thinner frames allow for a greater area of glass which allows you to see more.

The Details. Another window trend for modern homes is windows with unique details. Rather than simple off-the-showroom-floor windows, designs are trending towards windows which offer unique details. This can include non-standard shapes and sizes for the window and allows for as much creativity as you’d like. Furthermore, paying attention to the smallest details, such as the hardware on your windows, can really make your windows stand out.

Black Window Frames. The bold and classic lines of black window frames continue to be on trend for modern homes. These windows are able to work with a wide variety of styles and can sometimes be expanded to include other colors in the dark color palette. Think dark browns, dark greens, etc.

Color Coordinated. As you select your window frame color it can also be helpful to keep in mind that another popular trend is to ensure that the window and door frames are color-coordinated. You can also continue the coordination by making sure the hardware on the windows and doors also coordinates.

These five popular window trends are sure to help you keep your home looking modern and fresh. At Bay Glass & Window, we have a team of professionals who are passionate about window design and making your dream home a reality. Contact us today if you are in search of St Petersburg window installations in your home or office.