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How Your Home Affects Your Health

You’ve heard it said, “you personal space says a lot about you” but did you know that your space and your home can actually have a lasting impact on your health? The way in which you keep your home can be benefiting you, either positively or negatively and it’s important to know  so that you can make necessary changes or upgrades. This doesn’t mean that you need to add a home gym to your sunroom, but it does mean that you can make even seemingly minor changes to your house that will begin to affect you in ways you may never have realized prior. 

How can your home affect your health? Well it’s pretty simple when you think of it. Have you ever had a cluttered desk and not been able to focus on your wok at hand? The premise is very much the same. The more you have created a home that is conductive to health and wellness, the better off you will feel on the daily. Now, this isn’t doctors orders, but it does seem to be a general consensus from many who study the affects of lifestyle and your personal space on your mental and physical wellbeing. 

With more time being spent at home, it is the perfect time to make sure your space is working for you and not against you. 

Here are some ways in which you can make your home & health work on your behalf: 

  1. Limit toxic materials in your space. Your body absorbs so much from your environment, and limiting the amount of toxins in your home through artificial sources is going to be great for you and your family. 
  2. Consider more natural light and less artificial. Lighting plays a big role in our mood and our health. The more natural light that you can feel, see, and experience in your day the better your overall mood should be! Vitamin D is excellent for us & even if you’re going to be inside your home, opening windows and blinds is a great idea. 
  3. Purifying the air in your home. Air purification will make a huge impact on your health and it can be as simple as adding in a small unit to clean the air in your home and as fun as adding in green plants to your space. 

If you are looking to have upgrades done to your windows and doors, look no further! We would love to be able to help you get more natural light into your space and elevate that mood. As your Tampa Bay residential window company, we can get your space up to par & help your winter be as healthy as can be. 

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