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How To Choose The Right Patio Door For You

We have the luxury of getting to enjoy our balconies, patios, and lanais, year round in the beautiful Tampa Bay area! With that privilege comes the need for doors that fit our space and fit our needs so that we can utilize our homes to their fullest and really enjoy our spaces. When it comes to choosing new patio doors for your house, there are many factors to consider. We have pout together a quick guide on how to choose the right patio door for you. 

  1. Choose the style that best fits the space.
    Will you be adding sliding doors, double doors, or swinging doors? The space that you have available and how the door interacts with the outdoor patio will help you and your installer decide what type of style will work best in your home.
  2. Decide on what type of material you want for your door.
    You may be envisioning glass sliding doors or maybe a rustic wooden door will better suit your design style. We can show you the plethora of options available to you and work within your personal style preferences to choose the material that will suit your space. There is vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and more!
  3. Consider special upgrades for your patio door.
    Special features, like choosing the type of hardware on your doors, special color options, adding blinds and many more customizable details will really elevate your home and make it even more personal to you.
  4. Choosing an impact rated door?
    In the Tampa Bay area, it’s important to consider adding in impact rated doors to your space. In many cases, they will be required, but that is something that we can help navigate with you and make the right choice.
  5. Find a professional to get the job done right.
    At Bay Glass and Window, we have been creating window & door works of art for decades in the Tampa Bay area and we would be thrilled to be included on your patio door design as well. If you would like to connect with us or get a free quote, we will get back with you quickly. 

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