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Door Trends for 2021

Curb appeal and gorgeous interior design increase with close attention to detail. One way to elevate the attention to detail in your home is by updating the doors. If you are looking to update and replace your current doors, here is a look at the door trends for 2021.

Barn Doors – Barn doors can come in both single and double panels and their large size helps them to be quite versatile. These doors can be as tall as 12 feet and have widths up to 10 feet and are available in any wood, style, and design. Barn doors can help divide up spaces in a non-permanent way. Their size also allows them to fill larger spaces in a creative way.

Crittall-Style – Similarly, crittall-style doors serve as more than simply doors but also double as walls. The crittall-style allows for the feel of an open space concept while still sectioning off different rooms for different needs. An added bonus of these doors is that they allow for additional natural light in the home.

Dutch Doors – This classic style continues to be on trend despite their origins in the 17th century. Originally, they were designed to keep livestock out of the house and children inside of the house, all while allowing a breeze to cool off the house. They are used similarly today allowing you to stay inside the home while keeping an eye on pets or kids in the yard without sacrificing the breeze of an open door. Not only can Dutch doors be used as an exterior door, typically for the back door, they are also becoming trendy for interior rooms such as the home office or laundry room.

Painted Front Doors – Borrowing from European style, there is an increase in the number of front doors that are painted in a variety of colors. Featuring various shades of greens, reds, yellows, and blues, a painted front door helps set your home apart from others on the block. It also creates a focal point when arriving at the house which helps to increase the curb appeal of the home. This trend will also move to interior doors. Painted interior doors allow for pops of color in a room without needing to paint whole walls.

Doors with Windows РThere are a number of different styles available when it comes to adding doors with windows to your home. As the trend continues for wanting to increase the amount of natural light in the home, doors with windows allow you to maximize the amount of natural light in your home. 

Choosing unique and stylish doors for your Tampa Bay home is a great way to add some character and a new look to your space. Contact us today for a FREE QUOTE and to learn more about how we can help you.