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How To Tell If You Have a Window Leak

Leaking windows can leak both air and water. If you live in an area that doesn’t get regular rain you might not notice a wet window leak, and since an air leak is difficult to spot, you’ll want to be on the lookout for signs of a leak. The first sign to always look for is dripping because that indicates a clear window leak. However, since the other signs are often not as obvious, you’ll want to take note to look for these things. These signs are helpful for how to tell if you have a window leak.

Rotting Wood

Once or twice a year inspect all the windows on your house to look for any rotting wood. Rotting wood will lead to seal failure and in time you will have a window that leaks air, water, or both. This rotting wood can be caused by a number of factors including age, water damage, or the joints of a window not properly meeting.

Damaged Caulk

It is also helpful to check the caulking of the exterior windows and door openings once or twice a year. Inspect each window and door for peeled or damaged caulk. If you spot any, the first step is to remove the damaged caulk. Then, before caulking, be sure to clean the frame of the window or door to ensure the caulking is applied smoothly and seals fully. 

Increased Energy Bills

It is helpful to look over your monthly energy bill when it comes to notice any changes or irregularities. If you are cooling or heating your house to the same temperature, but notice an increase in costs, this might be a sign that you have a window leak. To check and see that the increased costs could be attributed to a window leak, you can stand by each window in the home when your air or heat is on. If the air is on but it is noticeably warmer when you stand by a window, that likely means some of the hot air from outside is leaking in through the window.

Cloudy Windows

If you have double pane windows and begin to notice your windows are getting cloudy, this often means the seal around the window has failed. When this happens, moisture accumulates between the panes of glass. This moisture will make your windows look cloudy or like you just can’t quite get them all the way clean. The window may not be fully leaking yet, but this cloudiness is a sign that the window’s seal has broken as the space between the panes should never be cloudy or wet.

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