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How New Windows Can Help With Noise Reduction

If your home currently has older windows you might have found that noise can penetrate the glass and take away your peace and quiet. Unfortunately there is no such thing as completely soundproof windows, but there are steps you can take to reduce outdoor noise. Here is a look at how new windows can help with noise reduction.

Noise travels through either air or materials. When you install noise reducing windows you are able to slow down the transfer of sound waves. When these waves are slowed down, it will seem quieter inside. Additionally, as these sound waves travel they can be absorbed or minimized. This happens when you vary the thickness of glass or by adding additional panes of glass.

One of the first ways new windows can help with noise reduction is through updated and improved glass. When you consider how thick your walls are compared to how thin your windows are, it makes sense that noise is able to get in through the windows. But there are several steps you can take to improve your glass. Older windows were constructed with just one thin piece of glass. Now you can purchase double, or even triple-pane windows and this thicker glass helps reduce the noise coming in from the outside. Double-pane windows will help substantially reduce noise, but when you add additional window panes, you increase the layers of insulation and so triple-pane windows are able to reduce noise the most.

Another way that new windows can help with noise reduction is by improving the frame of the window. Much like older windows were constructed with just one piece of glass, older windows were also built with wood frames. Over time these wood frames can crack and wear down. When this happens it will create gaps in the frame which allows noise to travel through. Newer frames, on the other hand, are usually made with vinyl and this will help with noise reduction. You may also look into the option of adding in weatherstripping for an additional sound barrier.

When making the decision to install new windows, it is also important to consider who will be installing these windows. If the windows are not installed correctly they will not be able to do their intended job of keeping noise out. You want to ensure that a fully airtight seal is used during the installation process to eliminate as much noise as possible. As your local Tampa Bay window installation company, we are here to make the process as smooth as possible.