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Ways To Incorporate Florida Nature Into Your Home

Florida, also known as The Sunshine State, is home to a number of native plants. There are also quite a few sunny days and miles and miles of shoreline. With so much nature on hand, it would be a waste to leave all this nature outside. Instead, here are a number of ways to incorporate Florida nature into your home.

Nature Display

Find a place in your home to display the shells you’ve collected at the beach, or small jars of sand representing the beaches you’ve visited. Not only does this bring Florida nature into your home but this display gives you conversation starters with guests. These treasured displays are an opportunity to relive and share special memories and experiences.

Let the Sun In

Florida gets an average of 30 more days of sun per year in contrast to other states, so bring it into your home. Adding in larger windows to your home will allow more of Florida’s sun into your home. At Bay Glass & Window, we can assist in repairing, replacing, and planning your home window design. This natural light reduces the need for artificial light and research has shown that natural lighting helps people be more productive, happier, healthier and calmer.

Collect Art

Research local Florida artists and purchase art for your home featuring an aspect of Florida nature. Whether you buy and display a beach scene, or another aspect of Florida nature, this art allows you to bring nature into rooms where the number and/or size of the windows may be limited. 

Plant a Garden

Plant a garden on the outside to fulfill many inside needs. Planting flowers will yield fresh flowers that you can use in floral arrangements inside. Planting fruits and vegetables will give you the opportunity to incorporate the nature of Florida into your meals. A few flower options include pentas (which well help attract Florida’s official state butterfly), evolvulus (bonus: it’s drought tolerant!), and coreopsis (the official state flower of Florida).

Install A Living Green Wall

An indoor living green wall is a commanding feature filled with live plants. Having this indoor living green wall helps bring Florida nature right inside the home. Oftentimes, moss and succulent are used to begin to grow the wall. Additional plants may be used, but plants are planted close together 

Plants are installed close together for a full wall effect with a drainage and irrigation system to control the water. A living plant wall is a beautiful piece, perfect for creating a beautiful feature indoors. They can also be installed outdoors if you would prefer.