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How To Create A Home Office That Inspires Productivity

How To Create A Home Office That Inspires Productivity

With most of us working from home during these challenging times, we wanted to take a step back and help you evaluate what could help you to inspire more productivity and motivation. Since many were thrown into a work from home lifestyle without much warning, a home office was pieced together quickly, but now with many employers deciding that working from home is something they may keep up with, your space will need to adapt with you. Work flow and your environment go hand in hand & there are easy and practical tips to take into consideration to be sure that you are using your space to the best of it’s ability so you have a productive workday. 

The first step to making a home office work best for you is finding a designated space. Designating a certain spot that is for work is a great way to distinguish between home life and work life. Whether it just be the dining room table, or you have a  whole room that can be turned into an office, these tips can come in handy. Next, make sure you create a space near power outlets – or, if you don’t have them right near you, be sure to setup a system with extension cords before you need them so you aren’t frantically looking for a way to plug in your laptop when it’s nearing 1%. 

Another huge plus in a home office is gathering natural light. At Bay Glass & Window, we talk to you often about the benefits of having natural light in your home and work space but that is just because we know how great it is for overall health, wellness, and motivation. Do you have a space with big beautiful windows? This is something that should be a top priority so that you can feel connected to the outside world, receive that natural light shining into your space, and even catch a beautiful afternoon breeze when you slightly open your window. Think of how great that would feel on your next conference call!

Lastly, make sure you feel comfortable in your home office. The couch and your bed aren’t far from you and the temptation to become distracted is real. When you create a space in which your work desk, chair, or room makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, then your assignments will start to be less stressful as well. What you surround yourself with is certainly a factor in your productivity. 

Did your company decide that working from home would be the new normal? We are here to assist you in any way we can – whether you need new open windows for your office or a glass door to separate your dining room from a new work space, we would love to be your Tampa Bay window and glass installers. Be sure to take a look at our residential window options and request a quote today!