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Should I Replace My Windows Before I Sell My Home?

As you prepare to put your home on the market there are many things to consider. Which realtor is the right fit for you and your family? What is a reasonable asking price? Should the house be staged before photos and walkthroughs? These are just a few of the questions you might be thinking about during this process. One other big question you are probably mulling over is, what improvements should I make to my house before putting it on the market? There are a few things to think about as you consider whether or not replacing your windows should be one of those improvements.

Moving forward with a residential window installation before putting your house on the market can be beneficial for several reasons. Many buyers are looking for a turnkey home. They don’t want to move and then begin a list of home improvement projects. Taking the time before you list your home to research a window installation company and having windows installed helps your buyers move in without facing a long list of necessary home improvements. Less work is quite appealing to many home buyers. 

Replacing the windows before you sell can also dramatically increase the curb appeal of your home. Before coming to look at a home the first thing buyers do is browse online home listings. Having updated, and even custom, windows attracts buyers to your home in their initial search phase. The more eyes you have on your listing, the more likely your home is to sell quickly. Consider adding in one or two custom windows to your house to create a more unique and appealing aesthetic. 

Additionally, updating the windows can increase a home’s energy efficiency. Increased efficiency can be quite appealing to a potential buyer. They are already making a large purchase and don’t want to also think about the prospect of high energy bills due to old and outdated windows. New windows are a selling point for buyers thinking about wanting to keep electric and gas costs down in the future. 

Updating old and outdated windows also prevents red flags from popping up on a home inspection. As you prepare for a home inspection it is important to consider what the inspector may flag as a concern. If you think there is a good chance the windows won’t pass inspection, it is most likely a good idea to simply go ahead with replacing them before even listing the house.

While it is important to consider the cost of replacing windows before you sell your home, there are many reasons it can be beneficial to move forward with a residential window installation project. As your St Petersburg residential window experts, we would love to assist you in everything from your free quote to your final install!