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Hurricane Safety: What To Do Before & After A Hurricane

If the Tampa Bay area we are susceptible to hurricanes – that is just part of the joy of being a Floridian – but the last thing you want to do is wait until the hurricane has arrived to begin your preparations. Hurricane season comes every single year so it’s best to be prepared ahead of time and be certain that you have done everything in your power to have your home or business in the best shape it can be in. Consider these suggestions of what to do before and after a hurricane to help you prepare for this potential disaster.

Before a Hurricane

One thing you can do before a hurricane even shows up on the radar is to install hurricane safe windows. These windows can help protect your home from potential damage during the hurricane and if you have these installed, it is one less thing to worry about when a hurricane is approaching. You can also consider installing storm shutters to your windows and then when a hurricane is approaching, be sure to secure to the exterior of your house. If you are in need of hurricane rated windows or doors in your home or office, fill out our FREE QUOTE tool so someone from our team can get right back with you to start the process! 

There are also a few things you can do around the house to prepare for the potential power outage that will come with a hurricane. First of all, be sure to charge all of your electronic devices. That way even if you lose power you have everything charged to 100% and if you use your devices wisely, you should be able to use them until power is restored. It can also be helpful to have backup batteries on hand. Secondly, it can be helpful to do your laundry as the hurricane is approaching. If the power is out you won’t have access to your washer and dryer so make sure you’re fully stocked up on your clean clothes. You can also fill the bathtub with water. This water can be extra drinking water, or helpful for flushing toilets and washing up. Another tip as the hurricane approaches is to store important papers in the dishwasher since it can act like a waterproof safe.

After a Hurricane

After a hurricane it is very important to safely assess the damage. Be aware of fallen power lines, electronic devices that may have gotten wet and are still powered on, areas with floodwaters, and other potentially unsafe areas. Be sure to listen to reports from local officials regarding damage so that you can stay as safe as possible. 

It is also prudent to stay healthy after a hurricane. Listen to reports regarding contaminated water sources so you don’t drink any unsafe water. Also, if you lost power be careful not to eat any contaminated foods. 

Safety is incredibly important both during and after a hurricane and these simple steps can help prepare you for this natural disaster. We want everyone in our community to be safe and protected all year round. 

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