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Top Tips For Beating The Summer Heat In Your Home

Summer is here and with the change in calendar comes much warmer temps! If you’re looking for ways to beat the summer heat in your home, here are a few top tips…

  1. Turn off the stove and oven. Using the stove and oven during the summer can quickly heat up your home. So it can be helpful to consider some food preparation alternatives. One option is to take your cooking outside to the grill. You can also prepare cooler foods like sandwiches or salads without needing to cook anything. It might also be a great time of year for ordering take-out to help keep the temps down in the kitchen. 
  2. Energy efficient windows. Reach out to us, your window installation company in Tampa Bay, to update your home with energy efficient windows. Energy efficient windows help to separate heat and light energy. This allows natural sunlight to still enter and provide light in your home but helps keep out the heat energy from the sun. These windows can also help keep air conditioning in and the summer heat out. As an added bonus, these windows will not only help keep your home cool in the summer, but can keep down heating costs in the winter resulting in year-round savings. 
  3. Block the sun. Complete an audit of your home at different times of day to see which windows get direct sunlight in the summer at different times of day. Then you can sit down and create a schedule to help you keep the shades and blinds closed when they get direct sunlight.
  4. Power down unnecessary electronics. Computers, TVs, and even clothes dryers can all contribute to the amount of heat in your home. So during particularly hot weather, these can be switched off to keep your home cool. 
  5. Install a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans can help circulate the air in your home helping you stay cool. And if you switch the ceiling fan to turn counter-clockwise you will create a downdraft to stay even cooler. It is important to note that ceiling fans are generally made to cool people, not to actually cool the house. So when you’re not in a room, turn off the fan to save on energy.
  6. Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated can help ensure that you don’t overheat during the summer. Water is the best, and cheapest, way to stay hydrated, but drinking anything that isn’t caffeinated or full of sugar also works well. 
  7. Enjoy a popsicle or bowl of ice cream. Sometimes the best way to stay cool in your home is to enjoy a cool treat! So grab a popsicle and stay cool this summer!

Are you looking for an upgrade that will drastically help your home stay cooler this summer? As your St Pete window installer, we love to make the necessary changes and updates that will have you loving your windows and doors for years to come!