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Why Choosing a New Front Door Is a Great Upgrade To Your Home

If you have been thinking about projects you can do to freshen up your home’s look, choosing a new front door is a great upgrade to your home. Even if you’ve never considered a new front door, there are a few reasons why it is a great upgrade to your home.

First of all, a new front door increases the curb appeal of the house. With custom design options available, a wide array of colors, and so many unique door designs, your new front door will make your home more appealing as soon as someone drives up. Updating the look of your front door allows you to choose a door that matches the character of your house and serves as an inviting first stop for your home.

Not only is a new front door an aesthetic upgrade to the house, but a new front door is also much more secure. The unfortunate reality is that older doors, which are made of wood or other breakable materials are a relatively easy target for potential burglars. When installing a new front door you can choose more durable materials that are nearly impossible to penetrate. 

Additionally, not only do older doors lack security features, they also lack energy efficiency. New front doors offer upgraded energy-efficient properties. A new front door does a couple things to help increase energy efficiency, and cut down on energy costs. First, a new front door will have a tighter seal which helps keep the air you want in the house, inside, and the air you want out of the house, outside. If you upgrade to a front door made of fiberglass or steel, both of these options offer increased energy efficiency. 

If you are considering selling your home, a new front door is an excellent upgrade to your home. According to Remodeling Magazine, “a quality new front door has the highest ROI on a home remodeling project with up to a 91% return when you sell the home.” That’s an impressive return making this a worthwhile upgrade to your home.

There are many reasons to consider choosing a new front door as an upgrade to your home in the coming year. Whether you are looking to stay in your home for the long term and want a door that reflects you, or whether you are looking to sell your home in the near future, choosing a new front door is a great upgrade to your home.

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